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What do I need to bring for my tour?

Bring a towel, bathing suit, sunscreen and a hat. We also suggest a light sweater or wind-breaker for afternoon trips.

Can I wear shoes on the boat?

We have a shoe bin on the dock for you to leave your shoes. If you would like to keep your shoes on, just let the captain know and we will be more than happy to work with you. Please be advised that leaving your shoes on during the trip may limit your movement on the boat. Also, only shoes that are designed to be worn in a wet environment will be allowed. They must have an enclosed toe and heel with a flat soft sole. No slippers, flip flops, or heels. Remember, if your shoes get wet they may get slippery. You may be asked to remove them or remain seated for your safety.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all of our tours (72 hours for groups of 10 or more). If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule your tour, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled check-in time to avoid a full charge.

Where do I sign the electronic waiver for my trip?

Your confirmation e-mail will have the personalized link needed to fill out waivers for your group. If you cannot find or didn’t get an e-mail from us, give our office a call at (808) 335-5553 and we can re-send the link via e-mail or SMS.

Why is spray sunscreen not allowed?

Spray sunscreen is not allowed because the aerosol can damage the boat and can be unsafe for other passengers. We do, however, have sunscreen available onboard for passengers who arrive with only spray sunscreen.

How big are your boats?

Both of our boats, Blue Dolphin and Blue Dolphin II are 65′ deluxe catamarans designed by America’s Cup designers and engineers Morrelli & Melvin. There are large male and female restrooms, and a top deck for a 360 degree view, perfect for sightseeing.

Where do your tours depart from?

All of our tours depart from Port Allen, located on the southwest side of Kauai. None of our tours depart from the north side of the island.

Why don’t you depart from the North?

Port Allen is equipped to support larger catamarans and is where all the major catamaran tour companies depart. The State of Hawaii has limited and restricted the amount of permits required to operate commercial activities from the North Shore for conservation and protection of Hanalei Bay.

Do your tours operate all year long?

Yes, we operate year round. We have various tour choices depending on the season.

What if it’s raining?

Our tours operate rain or shine. If conditions are deemed to be unsafe (any thunder or lightning) then we do reschedule tours for the safety of our passengers.

Do you guarantee that we will get to NaPali?

All of our tours are weather dependent. Our first priority is keeping all passengers and crew safe. If there is any concern about the tour being able to make it all the way to NaPali, the Captain will let everybody know before leaving the office. If we are not going to be heading to NaPali due to the ocean conditions, options include rescheduling to a different day, cancelling with no penalty, or going out on an adventure on the water along the south shore which is often calmer than NaPali.

What if I get seasick?

We recommend taking a motion sickness preventive that can be purchased over the counter the day before your tour and the day of to prevent the possibility of getting seasick.

What if I can’t swim or swim well?

All of our crew are trained as emergency responders and there is a life guard in the water at all times during snorkeling. We have Coast Guard certified life vests onboard for children and adults. They are not required to be worn at all times, but we do have them available. We also have inflatable snorkel vests that can be worn in the water, as well as noodles and kick boards.

Are there life rafts onboard?

Yes, we have life rafts for all passengers onboard.

Are we required to wear the snorkel vests while snorkeling?

No, it is not a requirement. It all depends on your level of comfort.

Do you do any beach landings?

No, there are no beach landings on our tours.

Do you go into sea caves?

Yes, we go into the sea caves on our raft tours only. The catamarans are too large to get into the caves.

Do we see the entire NaPali Coast?

We get to see about 15 miles of the 17 miles of coastline, so that we can make it back to Port Allen without rushing or heading into choppier water the last couple of miles. Generally, our turnaround point is Kalalau Valley. The majority of the coastline is seen.

What route do you take to get to NaPali?

We head west to get to NaPali.

Are there any discounts if we bring our own snorkel gear or dive equipment?

No additional discounts are offered if you bring your own gear.

Are full face snorkeling masks allowed?

Due to numerous reports of full face masks contributing to snorkelers needing rescue, we do not allow them on our tours.

Are there discounts for bringing my own food?

No additional discounts are offered if you bring your own food.

Do you offer vegetarian or gluten free meal options?

Our caterer is able to accommodate vegetarian and gluten free dietary restrictions on our tours. Please contact us at 808-335-5553 for details if necessary.

Are pregnant women allowed on your tours?

Since safety is our foremost concern, pregnant women are not allowed on any of our tours.

What are the age restrictions for your tours?

Niihau Tour – Age 5 and up | Rafting Tours – Age 8 and up | All Other Tours – Age 2 and up

Who is the owner?

Terry Donnelly

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